You’ve thought about it, and even dreamed about it. Now that you’ve made the decision to invest in a new building, what happens next? At Coach House Garages, we’ve been through the process over 25,000 times. Let us take you on a walk-through, from start to finish.


When you choose Coach House Garages, you will know what to expect from start to finish.

First, you can expect responsive customer service throughout the process, which continues even after construction is complete. Next, you can expect a knowledgeable partner to help you navigate the construction process, and ensure that you receive the garage you’ve contracted for. The construction timeframe is dependent on several variables. At Coach House Garages, we pride ourselves in the quality production technologies that enable us to deliver better than average completion times.

1. Permits: in some communities, permits can take a day; in others, sometimes up to two weeks.

2. Financing: in many cases, financing can be acquired in two-three days; however, some types of loans can take up to a month or more.

3. Location: choosing the optimal location for your structure is a critical component, and may involve some time to work out the appropriate logistics.

4. Design elements: decisions are also needed involving siding color, shingles, door and window locations, etc.

5. Concrete: once the above considerations have be settled, the order is given to the concrete contractor to put into their schedule. It is put in line based on the day the order is received, and the equipment and manpower needed. Our goal is to get the concrete poured as soon as possible.

6. Weather: another critical component in the process, and one we unfortunately have been unable to control. Concrete contractors, as well as Coach House Garages, are unable to work in bad weather. However, our experience has helped us stay on top of weather issues, and keep delays to a minimum during construction.

7. Building schedule: once the concrete is poured, the job is plugged into the Coach House building schedule on the next available date. Then the materials needed are ordered. If the items are standard Coach House, they will be in place within 10-14 days. Special orders may take as long as four-six weeks to receive at the factory.

8. Completion: our goal is to complete the garage within three-four weeks from the date the floor is poured, depending on the time of year and the weather. We specialize in building top quality garages in as short a timeframe as possible. Thanks to our quality production technologies and over 40 years of experience, you can count on a finished garage delivered to specifications and on schedule.



Estimate versus quote… there is a big difference between these two words, and a big impact on what they mean to your building project.

  • Estimate: a general suggestion of price, based on a limited amount of criteria.
  • Quote: the exact price that you will pay at the completion of the project, based on the specifics of the building’s scope, location, and timeline.

It’s easy to get an estimate online, over the phone, and at building supply stores. However, these estimates may be missing key factors that can greatly impact costs and timing. That’s why Coach House Garages offers a free, no-obligation design consultation at the site of your proposed building. This enables us to inspect the location, discuss all the specifics of the structure you envision, and help you finalize a plan that will meet your needs and budget.

We encourage you to do your research—planning a new garage is a big undertaking. But when you’re ready to take action, go forward with a firm quote in hand from Coach House Garages. It’s the “no-regrets” decision that will serve you well through the construction and for years to come.


It’s one thing to dream about it—now it’s time to get it on paper. If you haven’t already, start a “Building File.” Your file can include:

  • Pictures of structures you like (exteriors and interiors)
  • A laundry list of ideas for the building’s purpose
  • Names of potential garage builders, and contact info
  • Reviews on the builders from people you know, as well as online comments
  • Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List ratings
  • And more… your file is limited only by your imagination

Once you have a good idea of what type of building you want, now it’s time to start talking… Contact the top two or three builders on your list to begin the process. In our case, we will make an appointment to visit you at the proposed site of your building, discuss your ideas, and help you finalize your plan. With the information we gather at that meeting, we will provide you with a firm price and a timeline for your building.


We can put you in contact with lending institutions interested in providing financing for our customers.

At this time we have several banks and lenders that have expressed interest in offering our customers the opportunity to finance the purchase of a new garage. Coach House Garages is not a lending institution. What we do is gather information and send it on to the lending institutions. Loan terms, conditions and approvals are between the borrower and the lender.

We offer this as a free service to our garage customers. We hope the service makes the garage building experience more efficient and less stressful. Contact the Financing Department at Coach House Garages to find out more about your garage financing options.

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