We are proud of the heritage and the tradition that serves as the foundation on which our company was formed. Since 1973, we have strived to provide quality, ingenuity, and value to our customers every day.


Whether it’s a structure for your vehicles, a space for your hobby, a playroom for your children, or a sanctuary from the outside world, we understand the impact and importance your Coach House will have in your life. You want a building that compliments and enhances your home, and brings value for years to come. You can count on your Coach House team to listen to your needs, and create the perfect building to fit your unique vision.

Building a Company One Garage at a Time

Coach House Garages was founded in 1973 by Willis Miller. Mr. Miller, a local Amish builder, started the company as a small operation working from his home in rural Arthur. Mr. Miller’s mission was simple: to build a quality building and take care of his customers. He found a ready market for his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

To market the buildings, Miller’s business associate, Roger Gadberry, established a dealership in Decatur. With one dealer and three employees, Coach House was on its way to becoming the premier garage builder in the state of Illinois.

As the Coach House reputation of quality construction and customer service grew, more dealers were added. Currently, there are 25 sales offices located throughout Illinois, and in portions of Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana.

Coach House Value and Innovation

Today, Coach House is owned and operated by Jim Yoder, who purchased the company in 1997. The current facility was built in 2005. The expanded site enabled Coach House to:

  • Increase production
  • Improve material handling
  • Manufacturing their own roof trusses
  • Accommodate the inside storage of building materials

Coach House has constructed over 25,000 buildings totaling over 12 million square feet since its inception in 1973. A panelized manufacturing process in the plant, and systematic building procedures, provide Coach House the advantage of a highly efficient construction process.

All of our employees are well-trained, efficient, and reliable—and all are dedicated to the goal of always providing a quality product at a competitive price to the marketplace.

You can find out more about our community and the culture of the Central Illinois Amish by visiting Arthur, IL – The Heart of Amish Country.


We have been building Coach House Garages for over 40 years. Our construction as well as the materials and components used have withstood the test of time. Here’s why:

  • Raised concrete under walls to keep walls dry
  • O.S.B. “wood wrap” sheathing system with vinyl siding
  • LP Smart Side 50-year hardboard siding
  • Vinyl siding .042 thick to prevent buckling
  • Treated bottom plate (standard)
  • Engineered Roof Truss System Standard
  • Felt paper under shingles to prevent leaks
  • 30-year 3-tab shingles (roof lasts longer)
  • 16″ wide eave overhang to protect siding
  • Maintenance-free aluminum roof overhangs
  • Maintenance-free window frames
  • Vinyl windows to prevent frost buildup
  • Vinyl-covered steel service door and composite jambs
  • Prefinished steel overhead door Heavy Duty hardware
  • Overhead door casing wrapped in aluminum


Vinyl siding used for the garage exterior is by Wolverine. The thickness is a full .042 nominal compared to many builders’ series that are much thinner. The siding is also the same color through its entire thickness. Some sidings have a cheaper gray substitute with a colored face only. Wolverine siding is also designed to be more resilient and less susceptible to breakage by flying objects.
Windows are specially designed for Coach House Garages using vinyl frames instead of aluminum. The advantage of vinyl is that it is resistant to frosting up and becoming inoperable in cold weather as aluminum sometimes does.
Service doors are assembled at Coach House using a high quality vinyl-coated steel slab. The edges of the door are sealed with a vinyl weather strip. The sill is heavy duty aluminum, and the lock is a bright brass keyed knob. Jambs & Brickmolding are made of composite material.
Roof sheathing is Oriented Strand Board. 1/2″ O.S.B. is much better than waferwood or plywood. The sheets are made using strands of Aspen, laminated in layers and in alternating directions resulting in extremely rigid, durable material and marine grade glue.
Lumber used in the frame or skeleton of a Coach House Garage is high quality, kiln-dried Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) lumber from Canada or the Western United States. All lumber is hand selected by the Coach House production team.
Aluminum overhangs are standard on all Coach House Garages. The overhangs are maintenance-free. The material used is a high-quality .024 thick aluminum with a factory-baked-on finish. The eaves are a full 16″ wide to enhance the appearance of the Coach House building.
Roof shingles are high-quality CertainTeed XT-30. These shingles have a 30-year limited warranty and are offered in a wide range of colors for your garage.
Primed siding is an extremely durable and attractive lap siding. The siding is made using wood fibers and a paper overlay pressed together using high heat and pressure. The result is a siding second to none. Produced by LP Smart Side, the siding has a 50-year limited warranty and has excellent paintability qualities.
Overhead garage doors are made here in Arthur by C.H.I. Overhead Doors from galvanized steel coated with a factory-baked-on polyester primer and finish coat. The hinges, rollers, and hardware are heavy-duty. The doors come with a lifetime limited warranty. The doorframe or jamb is covered with .023 thick aluminum with baked-on factory finish.
The five-year warranty: just like our buildings, the Coach House Garages’ standard five-year structural integrity warranty is designed to give you peace-of-mind. In addition to the component warranties, you are assured you are protected when you buy a Coach House Garage.

Service is more than a promise at Coach House—it’s a guarantee:

Free, no-obligation design consultation—bring us your dreams and your needs, and we’ll turn them into reality.

Firm budget—you know the price (not an estimate) before work begins, and you won’t pay a penny more.

Firm timeline—we will be there on the date and time agreed upon, and will complete your building on schedule (in most cases, the on-site construction can be completed in one day).

Comprehensive customer care—our team, from in-house staff to on-site builders, are here to serve you, from conception to completion of your Coach House.

The best warranty in the business—we have total confidence in our skill and our materials, which is why we are the only garage-building company that offers a five-year warranty on our work.