Backyard Home Office

At Coach House Garages we offer much more than just garages to make your life easier! If you need private space for business away from the everyday activity in your home, consider a custom-built backyard home office. Not only will you have your own quiet space for work, but it will help to separate your work and home life. Made with quality products from leading manufacturers you will enjoy the convenience of your own backyard office just a few steps from your home!

Our Process

We start with a free, no obligation design consultation where we will listen to your needs to understand exactly how you would like your office to look. We will design your building to complement your home and most importantly to be the dream office you imagined! Not only will it be made with durable products, a home-office will also help enhance your home and add value to your property. With your office so close and no traffic to fight, you’ll add more time to your day to do the things you want to do!

With 19 offices, we have a highly trained staff that will complete your project on time. Our materials have withstood the test of time and we can add a variety of additions to your office including quality windows, doors, vinyl and a quality roof for overhead protection.

Our Warranty

For added peace of mind, our backyard home office structures come with a five-year structural integrity warranty. In addition to the component warranties, you can feel protected when you purchase your backyard home office from Coach House!