The Transformative Work-From-Home Trend


office-in-work-from-home-garageI am sure you have felt it someway or another over the past few years—the shift in the professional landscape. The work-from-home trend is no longer just a fleeting response to global events; it’s a transformative movement that has proven it is here to stay. And you, like many others, may be looking to evolve with it. If you are someone that has been impacted by the work-from-home trend, it’s time to elevate your in-home work experience with a dedicated space that inspires productivity and creativity. This is where we at Coach House Garages can enter the scene, ready to help you build the custom work-from-home space of your dreams.

Imagine stepping into a home office that’s not just another room in your house but a sanctuary designed specifically for your workflow. No more clearing the dining table for meetings or competing with household noises. A custom-built garage or room addition by Coach House Garages can provide you with a professional and personalized office space that caters to your unique needs and preferences.

Why a garage, you might ask? 

The beauty of a custom-built garage is its separation from your home’s living space. It offers the perfect balance—close enough to your home for convenience, yet detached enough to establish a clear boundary between work and personal life. We specialize in creating structures that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that your new office is an extension of your home’s charm.

When you decide to embark on building an at-home office with Coach House Garages, the process begins with your vision. Do you fancy large windows that drench your desk in natural light, or perhaps built-in shelves that hold your library of resources? Whatever your desires, our consultants will work with you to draft a customized space that brings your ideas to life. Our consultants understand that a work-from-home space is not one-size-fits-all, and they’re committed to helping you decide on a space that suits your needs.

Energy efficiency is another critical aspect of your new workspace. Proper insulation, high-quality windows, and the right heating and cooling systems will not only keep you comfortable year-round but also minimize your office’s impact on your utility bills. Coach House Garages prides itself on constructing spaces that are as efficient as they are beautiful.


Security and privacy are also paramount in a home office. You’ll want a space where you can store sensitive documents and expensive equipment without worry. Coach House Garages ensures that your custom-built office is secure, integrating features like sturdy locks and robust construction materials to protect your professional assets.

In addition to a work from home space being practical, let’s talk about the investment in your property. Adding a custom-built garage with a dedicated office space can significantly increase the value of your home. It’s a tangible upgrade that appeals to future buyers who may also be looking for that perfect work-from-home solution. 

As you transition into this new era of work, remember that you’re not just adapting; you’re thriving. A custom work-from-home space by Coach House Garages isn’t just a response to a trend—it’s a step towards a future where work-life balance is redefined, and your productivity is unrestrained by the confines of a traditional office setting.