How to Build a Garage

Are Lumber Yard Packages Really the Way to Go?

So you’re considering building a garage that you have been doing too long without. You’re comparing the differences of a garage from a garage builder like Coach House, to a lumber package from your local lumber yard, either building it yourself, or having a contractor build it for you.

Is A Garage Package The Answer?

Some Packages can work okay if you have lots of spare time, and some knowledge of all or at least some of the following: Variances, Zoning Laws, Setbacks, City Codes, Site Prep, Concrete PSI’s, Roofing License, Contractor’s License, Roof Sheathing, Door Casing, Weatherstripping, Overhangs, Rafters, Joist Spacing, Wire Mesh, Studs, Financing, Anchor Bolts, Wall Plates, Joist Species, Moisture Content, Metal Edge, Roof Felt, Door Openers, Fiberglass and Organic Shingles, OSB, Wafer Wood, Plywood, Rafter Spans, Header Spans, Live Loads, Dead Loads, Grading Rules, Nail Coatings, Roof Pitches, Racking Strength, Shear Strength, BOCA Codes, Wall Sheathing, Stud Spacing, Vinyl Windows, Aluminum Windows, Vinyl Siding, Aluminum Siding, Primed Siding, Entry Doors, Overhead Doors, Liability Insurance, and Lien Waivers.

Actual Costs Can Be More Than Expected

Be sure to allow for ALL materials needed including scrap and materials needed to beef up the existing package, should you need to. A Coach House can actually be less money. A Coach House contract is complete; no surprises.

No Hassles with Coach House

Not only does the cost of a Coach House make sense, we have spent over 35 years refining the building and training crews to offer you today’s Coach House. Normally Your building will be built in one day with the crew all done, cleaned up, and gone when you come home from work.

Great Warranties

With Coach House, you get up to a 30 year warranty on the building components, and a five year warranty on the entire building. We have a professional Service Department that handles call backs quickly and proficiently.

Think About It

Most lumber packages are not pre-assembled or pre-cut, with the exception of the roof trusses. We admire the work ethics and the gung ho attitude of the Do-It-Yourselfer, but think about it…on the other hand, you’ve got enough things to think about. Do what thousands of others like you have done. Buy a “Coach House” and consider it done.