10 Practical Uses for a Large Outbuilding

Spacious backyard outbuildings are highly versatile structures that can benefit homeowners in numerous ways. People use them for a tremendous variety of practical purposes:

1. An outbuilding could protect your wheelbarrow, lawnmower, hedge trimmer or other yard machines from inclement weather. It will also make them easy to access.

2. You can put your lawnmower’s fuel canister in an outbuilding. This is safer than keeping it in your home or garage, and you won’t have to smell gas fumes as often.

3. This type of structure provides an excellent place to store hand tools like shovels, rakes and pruners. They won’t be subject to the corrosive effects of a moist cellar.

4. You could keep garden equipment and supplies in this building. Examples range from seeds to watering cans and sprinklers.

5. A large enough space can offer a safe storage location for patio furniture. It can prevent your chairs and tables from flying across the yard in windy weather.

6. You could put recreational equipment in this outbuilding. Things like kayaks, canoes and barbecue grills will last longer if you don’t leave them outdoors.

7. It’s best to shelter any object that would collect water, such as a tire, bucket or barrel. This will prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

8. This type of structure provides a good place to keep any surplus belongings that aren’t highly temperature sensitive. You can avoid paying for a self-storage locker.

9. Some people keep winter equipment and supplies in backyard buildings. A few examples of such items include firewood, snow tires and roof rakes.

10. You can also perform messy tasks in this building. For instance, you could cut pieces of wood or put soil in pots.

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