Build On A Green Foundation

Coach House has been SuperGreen since the beginning…

…and our customers, as well as the environment, have been reaping the benefits.Over the past 36 years, our highly-efficient building system has helped us to keep our carbon footprint small, even while operations have grown. Our strategy of maximizing material use and reducing waste in all phases of operation has been and will continue to be a primary objective at Coach House. Precision measurement according to building specification allows for reduction in material waste and fossil fuel usage. These tactics are part of what enables us to keep operation costs low enough to offer the high-quality product we are committed to delivering, as we also strive to sustain earth-friendly practices.

Our Process

  • Raw material handling is done at one location when parts are cut, the unused portion is kept where it can be used at another time.
  • Manufacturing or panelizing the walls and parts at the mill allows for fewer visits to the job site, resulting in lower fuel-emissions.
  • Lumber scrap material is recycled for local horse owners to use as bedding for horses.
  • Any material that cannot be recycled is compacted, using less space in the landfill and less fuel to transport waste.

Our Employees

  • Employee initiative for recycling of non-building related waste.
  • 19% of Coach House employees ride a bike to work.

Our Vehicles

  • Trucks are well-maintained to avoid premature breakdown or loss of usefullife.
  • Trailers have been re-designed to improve fuel efficiency when hauling and to reduce tire wear.
  • Investment in more fuel-efficient engines for our trucks to allow better fuel mileag