Customer Stories: The Koerner Family


Customer Stories: The Koerner Family

HOMETOWN: Iroquois County, Illinois

DILEMMA: Three cars, three young daughters, lots of outdoor kids’ toys, lots of odds and ends, one too-small two-car garage

DREAM: New multi-purpose garage

PRIORITY: Stay within budget

“Our main concern was price, but my wife and I really wanted the new garage to match the house, too,” Chris Koerner told us. They consulted with various contractors, and one told them that in all honesty, he couldn’t compete with Coach House Garages in the level of quality for the price.

The Koerners called their local Coach House Garage dealer and scheduled their free design consultation. “He really impressed us,” Chris said. “He came out to the house, and staked everything out. He was honest and he took his time with us. He made sure things went smoothly and that we got what we wanted.”

Now that their garage is completed, the Koerners have found even more purposes for its use. “I have my own big closet in the garage,” said Chris. “Plus, I started doing triathlons a few years ago, and during the winter I can train out there. Twice a year, my wife has a big garage sale, and we can store everything for that in the attic area. Sometimes I’ll pull the cars out and my little girls will use it. It gives them a safe place to play.”

SUMMARY: “Our Coach House has taken a lot of stress off me and my wife, and made our lives easier and simpler. It truly has. I’ve also had a lot of compliments on it! I would recommend Coach House to anyone,” said Chris.

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