Garage Pricing on the Internet

How much does a garage cost?

We know that many of us look to the internet as a way to gather information about products and services. Often, the first thing we want to know is, “How much does a garage cost?” We are no different and so we want to explain why that is not practical in a garage building project. We want to provide you with information that will allow you to make an informed decision. One of the things to know is that a price via the internet would be a weak estimate at best and a guess at worst. An estimate to build a garage favors the builder or supplier in that it gets your commitment to buy without the builder committing to the garage price. An estimate is just that an idea of what a garage might cost, plenty of room for surprises in the end and not the same as a quote.

Yes, it is possible to make some assumptions, but that could lead to disappointment.

In order to provide a quote (which is the exact price that will be charged for building a garage upon completion of project) many facts must be gathered. The physical layout and the terrain must be inspected prior to giving out a quote for building a garage. It is possible to make some assumptions that would allow for a ball park figure but nothing definite. In addition, there are many garage design questions and much information to be exchanged between consumer and builder in order to determine the cost of building a garage.

Our experience has been that a rough estimate or internet price for a garage building project is not of much value to the consumer. The estimate makes too many assumptions that the buyer is not aware of and can cause disappointment and regret later. We hope that you will not be disappointed today because you failed to get an internet price. In the long run, we believe we can better serve you by talking to you about your needs and design a garage project just for you on your lot or land.

Garage design consultations are free and allow us to provide you with an exact price for your project, not an estimate.


As a garage building company, we feel that it is best for the consumer to talk to a garage design consultant prior to receiving any pricing information. This way we can provide a quote to our customers. A quote is an exact price that will be paid to the garage builder when the job is completed, which is given prior to the beginning of the garage building project no surprises at the end. We hope that you will see the benefit of this prior to spending your hard earned money.

Thank you for reading this explanation and we hope we have an opportunity to earn your business and build a garage that is right for you.