Garage Vs. Shed: Top Reasons to Choose a Garage



When considering your next home improvement project, you may be torn between building a garage or a shed. While many people use both of these terms interchangeably because both structures offer storage and workspace, they differ significantly in their functionality, value  and versatility. Today, we will explore the definitions of a garage and a shed and provide compelling reasons why investing in a garage build could be the best decision for your property.

What is a Garage?

A garage is a large, enclosed structure primarily designed for housing vehicles. It is typically attached to the house or built as a standalone structure on the property. Garages have a poured concrete foundation and often have wide, sturdy doors that can accommodate cars and other vehicles, and they’re frequently equipped with electricity and insulation for year-round use.

What is a Shed?

A shed, on the other hand, is usually a smaller, simpler structure intended for storage or as a hobby space. Sheds are typically placed in the backyard and are commonly used for storing garden tools, outdoor equipment, or seasonal items. They might not be equipped with electrical installations or insulation and are not designed for storing vehicles as they generally, don’t possess a concrete foundation. 

Now that we’ve defined what a garage and a shed are, let’s delve into why a garage build might be the more beneficial choice for your property. It is also worth noting that companies like Coach House Garages offer the option to construct a shed-sized building on a concrete base. This method significantly improves the lifespan of the building by providing a solid and durable foundation. A concrete foundation also effectively prevents critters such as possums, skunks, rats, mice and other pests from inhabiting or accessing the space underneath your shed.

Having established the definitions of a garage and a shed, let’s explore why choosing to build a garage or a shed on a concrete foundation might be a more beneficial choice for your property.

Enhanced Storage and Space

While both garages and sheds provide storage space, garages offer significantly more room due to their larger size. This extra space allows for the storage of bigger items like vehicles, bikes, and large equipment. Moreover, garages can serve as functional spaces for hobbies, workshops, or home gyms.

Increased Property Value

Adding a garage to your property can significantly boost its market value. Homebuyers often look for houses with garages for their vehicles and additional storage needs. A well-built garage can provide an attractive return on investment if you decide to sell your home.

Better Security

Garages are typically more secure than sheds. Their robust construction and locking mechanisms provide better protection for your stored items, especially valuable ones like cars, bikes and tools. If security is a concern, a garage is definitely the superior choice.


Garages offer a higher degree of versatility and customization compared to sheds. They can be designed and built to match your house, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. Also, you can customize your garage’s interior to suit your specific needs, whether that’s adding shelves and cupboards for storage or installing a workbench for DIY projects.

Weather Protection

Garages offer better protection against harsh weather conditions. This feature is particularly important if you plan to store vehicles or other valuable items that could be damaged by exposure to extreme temperatures, rain, snow or sunlight.

While sheds have their place in providing basic storage or garden workspace, garages offer many more benefits. From increased storage and space, improved property value, enhanced security, customization options, to superior weather protection, investing in a garage build can significantly enhance your property’s functionality and value.

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