Reasons to Add a Pool House to your Yard

If you have a swimming pool, you might think that a pool house isn’t necessary. However, a pool house offers several benefits that can help transform your yard into an outdoor oasis. Here are five reasons to consider adding a pool house to your yard:

More Space to Entertain

A pool house is a fun addition to your home. Furnish your pool house with comfortable seating, a mini-fridge, a bar, and you’ll find that throwing a pool party is a breeze. When you plan your design, just make sure to select waterproof fabrics and surfaces!

Keep Your Home Clean and Dry

While it’s pleasurable to have guests enjoy your pool with you, the mess they can leave in your home often times becomes a hassle. Think about it… when your guests leave the pool and enter your home, they can leave puddles, slippery floors (which can also be unsafe!), and wet bathing suits behind.

If you have a pool house, your guests won’t need to enter your home to get a cold drink or use the restroom. They will have everything they need close by, and your house will stay dry and clean!


A pool house is a great place to store the chemicals and equipment that your pool needs. Pool chemicals should be stored away from your other household cleaners. Pool equipment, such as cleaning tools, can quickly clutter your yard so you’ll want to make things easier on yourself by giving those items a place to live. A pool house provides you with a safe, convenient storage space!


It can be hard to enjoy sitting beside the pool while you’re baking in the sun. Having that said, a pool house will add a shady area for you and your guests to escape to when you get overheated. That way, you can stay consistently cool and comfortable as you relax by the pool (just don’t forget your sunscreen!).

Add Value to Your Home

Outdoor living spaces are a surefire way to add value to a home. Given that, a stylish pool house will undoubtedly increase the value and curb appeal of your home – win/win!

Are you ready to invest in a pool house, or do you have any questions on the information above? Contact us today for a personal consultation so that we can help.