Tips to Prepare for Building a Shed

Tips to Prepare for Building a Shed

Is your garage starting to overflow with garden tools, kid’s toys, bicycles, outdoor furniture and other odds and ends? If so, it is probably time to consider adding a shed onto your property so that you can save space within your garage. In other words, by having a shed on your property, you will be able to better utilize your garage the way it should be.

Before getting started, there are a few key items that you will need to take into consideration when it comes to planning for a shed. Having that said, we’ve compiled a list below of things to prepare for before having a shed added onto property.


Building Size

The first thing that you will want to establish is the size of the shed. It’s highly recommended that you purchase a shed a bit larger than what you really think you need, as people tend to underestimate the amount of storage that they actually require.

Unsure of where to begin with knowing what size you should go with? Don’t worry, our team of experts here at Coach House Garages will work with you to help determine what size building will work perfectly for your needs.

Shed Opening

What’s the point of having a shed if you can’t get all of your belongings into it? The doors to your shed will need to be wide enough to store your bulky items without having to disassemble them. All of the Coach House Garage’s sheds are constructed with wide openings built to handle all of your storage items.

Shed Access

Where will your shed be located on your property? An ideal location should be several yards away from the property line to avoid problems with the neighbors, HOA or local county offices. Also, we build on a concrete slab as it ensures your building will not be sitting in a low wet spot. In addition, building on top of a concrete slab will keeps rodents, raccoons, rabbits, possum etc. from moving in, and under, the shed.

A little preparation with these tips will guarantee your shed is purchased and built with no stress or worry. When you’re ready to begin building the shed of your dreams, contact us for more information and a quote. We’re happy to help!