Three Things to Consider When Designing a Pool House

Adding a pool house to your outdoor space? Here are three things you should think about.

1. The design of your pool house

Specifically, think about things like its relationship to the main house, its function, and appropriate materials to use. A few questions to ask yourself, include:

  • Do you want the pool house’s architecture to directly tie into the main house, or would you rather use similar colors and materials to make the connection?
  • What do you want the pool house to be used for? Do you want entertainment space by the pool, an overflow guest bedroom space, or just a place where guests can shower and change?
  • What materials would be best to incorporate into the design? Obviously, you’ll want everything to be waterproof, but what else beyond that?

2. The logistics of a pool house

The logistics of having a pool house are as important as its design. Consider where you want the pool house to be placed in relation to the pool and pool deck. Ask yourself how much you want it to take advantage of daylight and its access to open air. Check into building codes for your area so you know what will and will not be allowed.

3. Do not forget the essentials

While some elements of a pool house may vary depending on a homeowner’s tastes and needs, there are a few essentials to have in their design.

  • A half bath with an indoor or outdoor shower attached to it
  • A small kitchenette/wet bar for outdoor entertaining
  • Storage space for outdoor furniture items during seasons the pool is not in use

Make sure these elements are included in the final design. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate in letting us know as it is our pleasure to help you to finalize your wants and needs so that you’ll in time have the pool house of your dreams.

Are you ready to design a pool house addition for your home? We would love to work with you – just contact us today for an initial consultation!

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