Why Hiring a Professional Garage Builder May Be More Affordable Than You Think

At Coach House Garages, many of our clients tell us that they originally put off hiring a professional garage builder because they assumed it would be out of their budget. What surprised them was how affordable this service can be and how, in the long-run, it could actually end up saving them money. When they took these factors into consideration, buying a new custom built garage was an easy and affordable decision to make.

How the Right Garage Builder Can Help You Save

The main reason our customers need a garage is that they need storage. That might be storage for their vehicles, yard equipment, or even all those holiday decorations that you only need access to once a year. When you don’t have enough on-site storage for your property, it could force you to enlist the help of an off-site storage company. To get a space big enough for all your gear, you could be looking at $100 a month or more in rental fees. Not to mention the time and gas money you’ll be spending each time you need to get to your stuff. If you are looking at long-term storage, you could be spending $1200 a year for the next decade or more. That’s a lot of money, and probably more than enough to pay for a garage on your home site.

A Professional Builder Can Help You Find the Right Garage at the Right Price

Another benefit of working with professional builders like the team at Coach House Garages is being sure you are getting the right garage at the right price. You won’t be oversold on something that you don’t need or stuck with a garage that’s too small to store your stuff. Choosing the right garage at the start will mean you pay the right price for exactly what you need. Many of our garages start as low as $200 a month! Considering the value of the storage and the quality of the materials, it’s a valuable deal, and certainly one that you’ll appreciate on a daily basis.

Want to know how much your perfect garage will cost? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll connect you with an experienced local Coach House dealer who can help.