3 Tips for Designing Your Detached Garage

Now that you’ve found a space for your new detached garage and have a set budget, it’s time to consider the design of the garage itself.

Here are three things to consider during the design process.


The purpose for your garage will drive the design process. Will you be storing cars, trucks, or motorcycles? Will it be for both storage and for serving as a workshop? Factors such as these will determine the layout of your garage and the best use of the available space.

The first step is to determine what the main function will be of your garage, then consider any secondary purposes.

These may include:

  • store and/or repair motorcycles, cars, or trucks,
  • repair and store bicycles and other sports equipment such as canoes, camping and fishing gear,
  • build or refurbish furniture or other household items, or
  • serve as extra storage space.

Ventilation Options

Now that you’ve determined the purpose of your new detached garage, it’s time to consider the ventilation options.

Toxic fumes from car exhaust, insecticides, paints, even crafting supplies can stifle the air inside a garage. Ventilation options to consider in the design stage include:

  • Windows. Look for windows you can open easily and will provide cross-flow of air.
  • Exhaust Fans: If you will have a small area for doing laundry, a bathroom-style fan will work, drawing out the moisture in the air produced by the washing machine. Overall, however, the best option may be an attic fan that can be installed in the ceiling, drawing air upward and out a roof vent.
  • Other options to consider and discuss with your custom garage builders include static vents and roof turbine vents.

Overall Design

You will most likely want your new garage to somewhat match the buildings already on your property, including your home. However, the advantage of a detached garage is that it doesn’t always have to match exactly to your current home design. It can have its own unique touches. These may include traditional, modern, or industrial design elements, as well as porches or patios.

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