Building a Pool House Solves These 3 Challenges

Owning a pool is fun but having one can present challenges.  Here are common problems that you can solve by building a pool house.

Challenge: No Storage for Pool Items

Your pool house can store items you need during the pool season such as towels, pool toys, and pool chemicals. When the weather cools down, you won’t have to use your backyard for off-season storage. Also, exposure to harsh cold weather won’t damage your poolside chairs, umbrellas, and other outdoor furniture since they’re safely inside your pool house during winter.

Challenge: Wet Guests Keep Going in the House

Your love for entertaining may be the primary reason you have a pool. Yet, when you have company over, your wet friends always go into your house to change clothes or use the restroom. And you don’t like how your floor always ends up wet!

Pool houses can be as simple or as elaborate as necessary to fit your lifestyle. You may want a modest structure that primarily gives your guests a private place to change clothes before or after they take a dip. A bathroom in your pool house eliminates the need for your guests to leave the party to meet their needs.

Challenge: There’s No Shade Near Your Pool

You want a shady area near the pool to entertain. You need an area that’s bigger than what an umbrella can provide. You’re thinking it needs to be at least large enough for a few people to have a conversation. You may even want to set up a dining table in the shade.

Consider including a porch on your pool house. When you also have ceiling fans on that porch, you and your guests can get relief from the sun and the heat.

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