The Practical Benefits Pool Houses Provide

With summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to consider whether adding a pool house to your yard would be the right choice for your family. While a pool house may sound luxurious, you may find yourself wondering if a pool house is a good investment. However, not only can the addition of a pool house help you to create a backyard oasis, it can also provide practical benefits as well. Here is a look at just a few of these benefits that pool houses can provide. 

Good for Parties

If you take advantage of having a pool to throw parties and barbecues during the summer, then a pool house is almost a necessity. A pool house makes it easier for guests to enjoy your parties, as they will have a place to get changed and leave their belongings while enjoying your pool. If you include a bathroom in your pool house, wet guests won’t have to track through your home to use the restroom. A pool house can also serve as an additional entertaining space, as well as a great place to prep and serve food, making it the hub of any pool party. 

Make Great Rentals

Depending on the amount of room you have, as well as your budget, you could choose to build a pool house that acts as an entire guest suite complete with bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette. Not only would this provide space for guests to stay when visiting from out of town, but it would also provide a rental opportunity. Should you be in need of additional income, you could easily rent out your pool house to short or long term renters.  

Provide Extra Storage 

Of course, the most practical benefit of investing in a pool house is that it can provide additional storage. As you are likely all too aware, having a pool means that you need a lot of equipment and chemicals to maintain your pool as well as toys and patio furniture to help you enjoy your pool during the summer. What do you do with this stuff during the cold months when you aren’t using your pool? If you are running out of space to store pool equipment, patio furniture, and your pool toys in your shed or garage, you may want to add a pool house as a place for additional storage. 

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