Customer Stories: Peter Kuhns

Customer Stories: Peter Kuhns

OWNER: Peter Kuhns

HOMETOWN: Indianapolis, Indiana

DILEMMA: When I purchased my downtown Indy home in 2004, there was no garage. My postage-stamp city lot had room for a carriage house, but it clearly would have consumed most of my backyard.

DREAM: Because I love gardening (veggies mainly!), I wanted to build a carriage house, but one that was slightly undersized.

PRIORITY: A 22’x22′ carriage house with 9′ ceilings on the second floor (with French doors), and two garage doors (front and back)




My request was a little different from most but Steve had no trouble accommodating these requests and the entire quote / construction process was fantastic. The build phase was insanely brief, which was welcome, even after excavation discovered an old swimming pool from the twenties a few feet under the soil.



After insulating, wiring, plumbing, and finishing the entire building, I now have a weekend getaway, a workshop where I teach classes in the evening, and a playhouse for the nieces and nephews who love the tiny bedrooms and bathtub under the eaves.




SUMMARY: “My garage continues to accommodate my ideas: Future plans for the 2nd floor deck are a greenhouse and a two-story rain barrel, which will collect rain from the garage roof. As I write this from my garage office, I am thankful the possibilities are endless with Coach House garages; all you need is inspiration!”


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That’s the Coach House way.