Garage Kits vs. Custom Garages

custom built garage detached from home

custom built garage detached from homeWould you like to add a garage to your home, but you’re trying to decide whether to purchase a garage kit or to have a garage custom built? Although the initial price and features of a garage kit may be attractive, there are several factors to consider before making a final decision.

Price of Garage Kits versus Custom Built Garages

One of the main factors in making an apples-to-apples comparison of a garage kit to a custom garage is the total project cost.  It is important to remember that when you buy a garage kit, you are basically purchasing a pile of lumber. Although garage kits include the word “kit”, which insinuates that all items required for the construction of the structure are included within the box, it isn’t always the case. In fact, the garage kit is only an initial investment. It does not include your time or the cost of the foundation, paint, fasteners/nails/screws and tools.

Time Required Constructing a Garage Kit versus a Custom Built Garage

To make a true cost comparison, you will need to account for the time required to erect the garage kit. After all, your time is valuable. You will first have to go through the permitting process. Then you will spend a considerable amount of time constructing a foundation, erecting the garage, painting the garage and finishing the project. Many times a kit will not have enough usable material so if you miss cut something, you will have to go back to the store to get more. This takes time and costs more money depending on the number of trips you end up making back to the store. 

Tools Required Constructing a Garage Kit versus a Custom Garage

Do you have all the necessary tools to construct a garage? If not, you will have to purchase them, and that price should be included in the cost of the garage. If you go to a home store and look at some of those tools, you may be surprised at how costly they are.

Foundation Costs for Garage Kits versus Custom Garages

A garage kit is designed to be constructed on an existing foundation and does not include the foundation cost. What will it cost you to construct a foundation? Is this something you can do yourself, or will you have to hire someone to construct it for you? In order to construct a proper foundation, you will need to be knowledgeable of soils, excavation, rebar and concrete. If you purchase a garage kit, you may find that the cost of a foundation alone is more than what a professional custom garage company would charge you for that same foundation as part of their packaged cost.

Painting a Garage Kit versus a Custom Garage

Once your garage kit is constructed, you will need to paint it. You should factor in the cost of the paint plus the cost of any tools and supplies that you need. This includes ladders, brushes, paint rollers, drop cloths and cleaning supplies.

Roofing Costs for Garage Kits versus Custom Garages

Does the garage kit you are considering include roofing materials? If not, that is another cost that you should include. What type of roofing is best for your garage? Should you install shingles or metal roofing? What type of roofing would a custom garage builder install in your area?

Lifespan of Garage Kits versus Custom Garages

Have you looked into the lifespan of kits versus custom garages? There is some evidence to suggest that a custom garage has a longer lifespan than a garage kit.

Availability of Designs for Garage Kits versus Custom Garages

Custom built garages offer more design choices than kits. By working with a custom garage builder, you can select a design that will match your home and fit in nicely with your neighborhood. If you live in a subdivision that has a homeowners association (HOA), a custom garage builder can also assist you in meeting their restrictions.

Expertise Required Constructing a Garage Kit versus a Custom Garage

Before you make the final decision to purchase a kit, be sure that you have the expertise to complete the project. The smallest mistake in any of the phases can easily offset any perceived savings.

Custom Built Garages Are Superior to Kits

Once you consider all the above factors, you will most likely conclude that a custom built garage is the best choice. Coach House Garages has been custom building garages throughout the Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa and Michigan area for almost 50 years. We are experienced in every phase of construction from permitting to applying the final touches. Our garage specialists are thoroughly trained, and we are fully licensed and insured. Contact us today or request a quote to schedule the construction of your new garage.