How To Prepare Your Garage For Fall & Winter

detached garage with bonus room

Even though we’ve been enjoying warm temps with plenty of sunshine… we should take some time as this summer wraps up to consider preparing our garage for the Fall and Winter months. Here are some steps to take soon. Remember, if you wait till the first snow falls you may be too late.

First Glance: Get a game plan for what you’re up against – what needs to be done? Take notes and plan ahead to make the needed updates and repairs.

Walk through: Take note of what you want to keep in the garage through the cold months. How much room do you have verses what you want to store (like that fishing boat in your back yard).

Walk around: Take note of any repairs that need attention (siding, roofing, gutters, etc). Does your siding need to be washed or your walk-in door need a new seal?

Look Up: Pay special attention to your overhead door—If it’s rough it will only get worse.

Look Down: How is your floor? Does it need sealed? Are there any gaps or cracks that need caulk? Caulk and sealer can protect your floor from salt and the freeze thaw cycles.

Game Time: Time to execute your plan and make the needed updates and repairs.

  • Trim the tree in the back yard that’s begun rubbing the siding or roof.
  • Clean out the gutters and consider installing leaf guards.
  • Fill in low spots outside to keep moisture away from the foundation.
  • Lubricate the Overhead Door Track and tighten any loose connections.
  • Seal up any gaps from the inside out (close the doors on a sunny day to look for light).
  • Repair or replace seals around the overhead door, walk-in door and windows.
  • For unheated garages, be sure to move those items that can be ruined if frozen.
  • For heated garages, be sure it’s properly ventilated – sealing it too tight can be dangerous!

NOTE: Do not press your luck! There’s no shame in hiring a professional to do the harder tasks. Remember, saving a few dollars by standing on a step ladder may not be worth the risk of a broken hip. Also, adjusting the overhead door can be very tricky… it’s not a bad idea to call someone for help.

Having a game plan to prepare for the colder months can help you enjoy the sweet summer even more. It doesn’t take that much time if you plan ahead and execute your plan over a few select days… instead of playing catch-up in the cold. So, prepare now and enjoy all the seasons as they come.

Have a great year!
Jack Stites
Sales Manager
Coach House Garages