How to Take Your Pool House to the Next Level

Coach House Garages aren’t only used for storage. In fact, many of our customers love the look of our high quality garages so much that they make them a centerpiece of their backyard entertaining by putting them to use as a pool house. Pool houses are great for adding to the value of your property, creating a space for changing in and out of swimwear that also offers convenient storage for all those poolside accessories. We’ve seen our customers turn their pool houses into amazing entertainment and relaxation spaces. Here are three of our favorite tips for taking pool houses to the next level.

Create Lots of Comfortable Seating

If you want people to actually use (and enjoy!) your pool house, then comfortable seating is key. Skip the lawn chairs and go for durable indoor/outdoor seating that has deep comfortable cushions. Increase the comfort and style factor by adding in plenty of weather-resistant throw pillows. Furnishings made for the outdoors will dry quickly so you won’t be battling mold or mildew in your pool house.

Don’t Skimp on the AV Equipment

Your pool provides plenty of entertainment, but some great AV equipment can both increase the fun and offer a break from the excitement when needed. Wire your pool house with a great sound system so you and your guests can enjoy music while you frolic in the sun. A lot of pool homeowners hook up a television set in their pool house, too. There is something relaxing about watching a movie together after a day in the sun.

Build Easy Access to Food and Drink

Having lots of food and drinks around the pool will ensure the party doesn’t stop. Some of our customers have built bars into their pool houses so they can easily mix drinks for their guests. If you want to keep it low-key, at least have a mini fridge or freezer where you can stock ice and keep some tasty treats on hand for hungry swimmers.

Want to build the pool house of your dreams? The Coach House Garages team can help you get started. Contact us today to learn more about our pool houses and to connect with one of our experienced local dealers.