Recommended Maintenance

The following list of items is a short list of a few basic maintenance items for your new Coach House Garage.

The list is not intended to be all inclusive or complete, but as a helpful explanation for some common questions from customers. These items will help you maintain the appearance and operation of the garage.

  1. Vinyl siding may be washed with a mild soap and water mixture to remove dirt and dust.
  2. The overhead door should be lubricated once or twice a year by using a silicone spray. Spray silicone on the tracks, rollers, hinges and spring bearings. This will enhance the overall operation of the door and extend the life of the parts.
  3. Salt damages concrete. Keep vehicle free of roadway salt during the first months. A sealant on the concrete may help reduce salt damaging effects, check with local supplier.
  4. Roof vents are required in an insulated or lined garage. A building must have proper ventilation or it will sweat causing the wood to decay.
  5. ABTCO siding “wood” must be painted within 90 days of construction of the garage. ABTCO recommends a good quality acrylic or 100%acrylic latex house paint. If staining the siding, use a solid color with acrylic base.
  6. Attic storage in a joist and rafter system is limited to seven pounds per square foot. Overloading the joist sysem can cause the roof to sag and void the warranty. Deduct the weight of ceiling material and insulation from the seven pounds.
  7. Heating and cooling a building require proper ventilation and vapor barriers. Please check with a qualified supplier for recommendations.