Material Specifications

Material Specifications

Studs: 2”x4” spaced 16″ O.C.

Corner Bracing: steel T-bracing or 7/16″ O.S.B.

Corners: double-studded (house corners)

Trusses: 30# L.L. roof, with an engineered truss system utilizing #1 grade Southern Yellow Pine lumber throughout the entire truss, built in our facility in Arthur, Illinois

Felt: 15 lb. asphalt U.L. approved

Shingles: 30-year 3-tab asphalt seal-down, optional architectural shake shingles also available

Roof Sheathing: 1/2″ 32/16 APA rated O.S.B.

Wall Sheathing: 7/16″ O.S.B.

Windows: 4′ W x 2′ H vinyl frame, insulated glass, lock, screen

Service Doors: 2’8″ x 6’8″ insulated vinyl-coated steel with compression seal weather seal, heavy-duty aluminum sill with adjustable saddle, and vinyl-coated wood jambs and brickmould

Overhead Doors: C.H.I. Overhead Door, featuring pre-painted steel with lifetime paint warranty

Overhead Door Casing: 2”x6” wrapped with .023 gauge pre-painted aluminum

Overhangs: .024 gauge aluminum fascia over .019 gauge aluminum soffit, 8″ gables overhang, 16″ eaves overhang

Siding: vinyl in 4″ and 5″ in white and various colors, and 8″ in white only;
lifetime warranty; .042 Wolverine American Legend (multiple other options available)

Anchor Bolts: 3/8″x3-3/4″ wedgit anchor bolts spaced 64″ O.C. or 1/2″ as per your local municipality requirements

Headers: service door header = 2-ply 2”x4” x 1-ply 1/2″ O.S.B; window header = 2-ply 2”x4” x 1-ply 1/2″ O.S.B.

Overhead Door Headers:

  • 9′ wide gable end door = 2-ply 2”x6” with 1-ply 1/2″ O.S.B.
  • 16′ W gable end door = 2-ply 2”x10” Yellow Pine with 1-ply 1/2″ O.S.B.
  • 9′ eave side door = 2-ply 2”x8” Yellow Pine x 1-ply 1/2″ O.S.B.
  • 16′ eave side door = 14″ LVL