The Primary Reasons to Consider a Detached Garage

After years of struggling to find space for all of your Christmas decorations and worrying whether your car is safe enough parked in the driveway, you have finally decided that it is time to have a garage built on your property. Adding a garage to your home will not only transform your day-to-day life, but it can also add value to your home, making this addition a great investment in your home. However, once you have decided to have a garage built, you will need to decide whether an attached or detached garage is right for your home.

While many people may initially think that an attached garage would be the best option due to the convenience it can provide, there are many benefits a detached garage can provide as well. If you are considering adding a garage to your property, here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose a detached garage.

Detached Garages Are Easier to Add

When adding a garage to your property, it can be much more complicated to add an attached garage onto your home. When adding an attached garage you are limited as to where you can place the garage since it must be connected to your house, and you may be limited on the size and design of the garage since it will need to blend into the current structure. By choosing a detached garage, you can add the dream garage you have always wanted without having to factor in how it works as an extension of your home.

Potential Expansion Options

By choosing a detached garage, it will also likely be easier to expand your garage down the road. While attached garages generally have limited space around them, detached garages tend to be on a more isolated plot of land, making it easier to add a studio, office, or pool house to your garage in the future.

Fire Safety

Detached garages are also popular due to their increased fire safety. With an attached garage, if a fire were to break out in your garage, it would be easy for the fire to spread to your home and vice versa. However, the separation a detached garage provides between your home and your garage reduces the risk of fires spreading, which can help to minimize any potential damage.

Ultimately, detached and attached garages each have their own benefits and drawbacks, and the option that will be best for you will depend on the layout of your property and your unique needs. Contact us today to speak to us about whether a detached garage is right for you.